The Nose Knows Painting

Isn’t language weird? Who do you think decided that it was a good idea to have more than one word that sounds the same but means something completely different?

In this painting, I was playing with this idea as the nose which makes up the girl is reading something – “she knows something”

The nose is a strange sense too, isn’t it? There’s no other sense that can take you back to a place so much. When I smell popcorn, it always takes me back to when I was about 7. We lived in the USA for a couple of years in Houston, Texas. Most weeks we would go to a roller-skating rink with another family. I loved it, but the overwhelming smell in the place was popcorn and melted butter from the counter which sold it.

Anyway, that was probably one of the most wiggly, windy posts I’ve written in a while.

Is there any smell that takes you back to a place or time?(preferably nice ones)

This is an A3 mixed media painting on paper.


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