Tara Roskell

Contemporary Artist based in Northamptonshire, England

Tara Roskell Artist

Painting abstract faces is my passion. I like to portray what is going on behind the eyes as well as the face that I see in front of me. 

When I was about five years old I dreamt of being a famous artist. Pursuing my passion I went to art college and I loved my first year. With the realisation that I didn’t have a booty like Beyonce, I abandoned thoughts of fame and went on to become a graphic designer. But like an itchy jumper your nan knitted, it never quite fit. 

After 25 years of creating digitally, I lost my passion for creating by hand and I thought it had gone forever. But then this happened…

I started a podcast to learn about other people’s creativity and hit it off with Sandra Busby, an artist I interviewed. We started setting each other creative challenges. One of those challenges was to test if “alcohol makes you more creative”. Under highly non-scientific conditions, we set each other three creative tasks: 

  1. to write a poem
  2. to come up with advert ideas
  3. to draw a wine bottle. 

The tasks were to be done twice, once completely sober and again after 3 units of alcohol. I remember trying to draw and shade the bottle in pencil. It felt so odd. Where the hell was the damn undo button! But, it also felt good. On a side note, I’m also not convinced my alien lipstick advert would have been a big seller.

From that moment I began to draw by hand again…

It wasn’t great at first, it felt weird. However, I realised that not having an undo button meant that quirks and happy accidents breathed life into art.

Knowing the power that creative challenges held for us, Sandra and I created a website and Podcast called Kick in the Creatives. We aim to encourage others to be creative by taking part in creative challenges. We are amazed how much people say it has helped them mentally, far beyond what we had ever imagined.

It’s helped me too. You can’t encourage other people to create without creating more yourself… 

I still set myself challenges, including the 60-day challenge to find my art style. It was through this concentrated effort that I discovered the art that excited me. I also learned that I could fuse together two of my passions, painting faces and creating characters. Yes, it sounds a little weird, I like that. Doesn’t everyone have a little bit of weird inside them?

One last thing… I’m a big scaredy-cat. Would I bungee? No. Would I skydive? No. But when I create, I can be an adrenaline junkie in the safety of my art room.


  • Co-founder of Kick in the Creatives Podcast and Challenge Website
  • Speaker at Adobe Max Creativity Conference 2021
  • I have co-written two articles for Leisure Painter Magazine







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