If you have read any of my social media posts, you might have seen that we have a puppy. And boy, is he tiring. He gets us up several times during the night to go out to the toilet.

Bear Puppy

I have been feeling so jaded during the day that I have made very little art. To try and combat this, I have started a Challenge. I love an art challenge. There is something about stating you are going to do something that gives you the momentum to actually do it.

I will be creating 50 abstract faces over 50 days up to the end of September 2021. They’ll probably all be A4, a little smaller than I would usually work. I intend to keep my work loose and unprecious and endeavour to get the spontaneity that I have in my sketchbook. Well, that’s the plan anyway, but I’ll just see what happens.

Abstract Face1


Abstract Face 2

Abstract Face 3 Abstract Face 4




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